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It's a BELKAZAN Circus!

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Halloween has always been my personal favorite holiday.  My partner, Harout, and I would go above and beyond to orchestrate detailed, couple costumes, such as Beetlejuice & Lydia.  So now that we're a family of 4 (including our pup Maurice) it's extra special and fun to dream up costume ideas we can create together.

Vem's costume idea came to mind first - STRONG MAN - I'm constantly inspired by vintage costumes and past trends. I saw a picture of a vintage STRONG man and the rest is history. His costume then sparked the idea of a circus theme. Harout would be the bearded lady & I would be the ringmaster (literally lol) Don't we all dream of running away and joining the circus someday?

Harout made the barbell by spray painting balloons, Simon crafted the Jumper/belt made from fabric found at Michael Levine, and the strong man suit was bought online.  It truly takes a village!  

I scored this amazing red Jacket at Smythe, I sewed on shoulder epaulets and Gold Trim from Michael Levine.  The hat was originally a steampunk hat borrowed from a friend, I bought a feather downtown LA and ripped out the metal buttons.  I fashioned the whip from a BEL KAZAN belt with gorilla tape to enhance the handle. I did my research and followed this makeup tutorial :) Lastly I called my dad! He owns  Katella Cleaners, a dry cleaning & alteration business in Long Beach.  He just so happens to do a lot of alterations on military jackets and always has left over buttons lying around!  It's always more fun for me to be able to build an authentic costume utilizing all the resources I already am fortunate to have!

We then asked Simon (our upstairs neighbor who is a multifaceted talent - designer, pattern maker, seamstress.  He does it all!) to make the jumper for Vem, he ended up creating three costumes because each one would turn out too small and Vem is a big boy (99% percentile baby!) Third times a charm though because the third and final costume Simon created would be the perfect fit. We realized we were missing a belt last minute but Simon magically had some craps of wide black elastic and a belt buckle that he put together in about 5 minutes. So lucky to have an awesome friend like Simon!  We ordered a muscles shirt online and used an eyeliner pencil to draw on his little mustache.  To tie it all together we put him in little black combat boots that I bought second hand.  Time to party!

Halloween is our favorite holiday as a family and now with our boy we love it even more. "If every holiday could be Halloween, I'd be happy.  The costumes, the fall weather, just the spirit of it all.” 


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