Artist Spotlight ~ Sara McLean

{ Sara is wearing the Milen Dress in Olive Tree }

"I first met Sara when she showed up at my 80's karaoke birthday party! Since I tend to gravitate toward bold & brave women it was love at first sight. She is truly a talented artist who continues to inspire me & my designs." 
- Belinda


Tell us a little bit about yourself

I'm a London born, Miami raised Cuban-Guyanese ceramicist living and working out of the backyard of my home in Mt Washington.  Quite a mouthful :) Both my husband and I have been working in the backyard since the pandemic, we are so fortunate that our family of 4 (plus 2 pets) have this outdoor space. I began exploring ceramics in earnest a little over 2 years ago after leaving my career in retail where I was Visual Director at Bloomingdale's.  Both my experience in display and fashion as well as my background are heavy influences on the aesthetic of my work.  My themes draw upon my Cuban/Guyanese heritage, exploration of the latino/carribean diaspora.


What led you to finding your passion?

Outside of my 2 daughters, clay is my passion.  I learned how to throw on the wheel when I was 21, interning at an art center in South Beach.  I always felt the calling, but it was only when my youngest was in school that I could focus my attention in earnest.  I make my work with touch in mind, texture is a big theme. 


What makes you feel a zest for life?

I wake up everyday thankful for what I have been given. Whether it's our families, nature, being grateful for the little things makes bigger accomplishments that much more exciting. Also the SoCal sun :)


Do you have a mantra?

Be the best you you can be. You do you.                                                       


What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

Trust Yourself. That's not to  say I don't value or listen to the advice of valued friends, but I have learned to be confident in the choices I make.


{ Sara is wearing the Ruby Top & the Zoe Shorts  }
What songs have you had on repeat recently? 

Silly Games by Janet Kay. It's  a sweet lover's rock song by a  wonderful London singer. I  love her voice in this song.                                                                                                                                                                                                     

You’re having a dinner party with five guests of your choice - who’s sitting around the table?

Very hard and not fair because I love inviting everyone and I have so many friends that I adore! Belinda, of course we're sitting next to each other at the table, we both can bring the gab :)


What is your favorite place you’ve traveled to?

I've got lots of places on my list. But if I were to pick a favorite for right now, quite honestly, it's the simplicity of going camping with the family in California. I didn't camp growing up, therefore I find each spot so charming. Rain, or shine we've always had so much fun in nature, from camping by the Big Sur river to sleeping next to the boulders in Joshua Tree.

{ Sara is wearing the Kate Dress in Black Ledo }

How do you practice self love?

Throwing on the wheel is a form of self love and meditation. I also love to dance, body as self expression.


What is the one thing you would most like to change about the world?

Where to begin :). I believe that if women took the lead in our society, we'd be in a better place. The world needs more moms calling the shots, i believe there would be more collaboration and we'd get more accomplished. Global climate initiatives, for example, would move quickly because we are always thinking of our kids' future.

                                                                                                   Sara is wearing the Rylee Sweatpants & Taylor Sweatshirt in Berry }                                                                                                                                

What do you wear when you want to feel beautiful?

Glittery make-up. My daughters and I have had pandemic make up parties, and no matter how outrageous, we three feel like queens.                                             

Why do you wear Bel Kazan?

I absolutely love the prints. They pair so well with my basics. Secondly I love the feel of her fabrics, especially as they wash. Lastly, her clothes are ethically made. It's not just her business model, it's how Belinda lives her life, and I love supporting her business for that reason.

Whats the piece you reach for the most?

I have this lovely wrap top of hers that's on regular rotation. It's short sleeved, so in the winter I layer it with a turtle neck.


                                                                                                                       { Sara is wearing the Lucy Dress in Ledo Chili }

To see Sara's beautiful work check out @pots_by_sam on Instagram

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