Ethical business practices are at the core of everything we do.

We've been committed to socially conscious and environmentally responsible actions since day one.


Designer Belinda Kazanci

Behind every collection is designer Belinda Kazanci, who started BEL KAZAN after a life-changing journey to Bali, Indonesia. From the delicate flower offerings that lined the streets to their vibrant textiles and joyful spirits, she felt an unparalleled sense of inspiration among the Balinese people. It was then that Belinda decided to uproot her life in Los Angeles, determined to make her vision of a socially- and environmentally-responsible apparel line real.

Today her time is split between the BEL KAZAN production facility in Bali and her studio in Los Angeles. She is committed to giving back to the culture and people that gave her a renewed sense of purpose.

Our Mission


Traditional Techniques

Every BEL KAZAN garment is crafted in our personally-constructed factory in Bali, using traditional techniques for an authentic, timeless feel.

Every collection starts with a modern interpretation of east meets west. Our traditional printing process is infused with the artisanal heritage of Indonesia, showcasing methods like hand printing and batik, a wax stamping art form that dates back to the sixth century.

Our Design Process

Ethical is the New Normal

Our materials and fabrics are carefully selected to be environmentally-kind and reduce waste.


Our Values

BEL KAZAN collections are thoughtfully designed to have a minimal footprint. We carefully select our fabrics, dyes, and other materials, and because we’re constantly learning, we also regularly adjust our production model to be as kind as possible to the environment.

We are defined by our standards for responsible manufacturing, investing in our employees, and our goals for giving back.

Our Commitments