Meet Sri: She Helps Make Your Clothes

Sri came to us from a village without any garment construction experience. We trained her to work in our Quality Control Department where she oversees all the details that make our garments better. She now has skills she didn't have before and is learning more and more everyday. Sri is always full of smiles and a joy to be around. Her kind and generous spirit is contagious. In these photos, Sri is working with our Navy Wind print to construct our Zuri Dress; a piece from our 2018 Fall Collection, Reflection. We asked Suri some question so that all of you could get to know her a bit and meet the faces behind who makes your clothes at BEL KAZAN.
- Belinda

How long have you worked at BEL KAZAN?
I have worked for BEL KAZAN for 9 years.

Where did you grow up?
 I grew up in Klungkung, the smallest regency on Bali with a population of 180,000.

What was your childhood like?
I had a good childhood living in a small village with a close community of family & friends but I’m happy to be where I am living now, in the city of Denpasar where there are more opportunities.

How long have you been working with garments?
I’ve been sewing for 29 years. I began when I was only 16 and now I work as a quality controller for BEL KAZAN.

How would you describe yourself?

I’m full of spirit and always working on bettering myself every day. I would also say I’m pretty peaceful due to my Hindu spiritual practices.

What makes you happy?
Family is one of the most important parts of Balinese culture. Being with my family brings me the greatest joy.


Most of our employees at BEL KAZAN have been with us over 7 years. Our philosophy is built upon making communities better than we found them. We skill train team members and give them opportunities to grow and flourish. We are also proud to provide them with wages that are 50% higher than the industry average in Bali.

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