Artist Spotlight: Erica Driscoll of Blondfire

{ Erica is wearing the Luna Dress }

I met Erica back in 2013 when I was working on an EP for my band Echocell with Wally Gagel of WAX LTD studios in Hollywood. We co-wrote a song together with Wally which became the first song on my EP.  I have always been a fan of her music & through the pandemic her song "Climb" became my feel good anthem. Fast forward to 2021 & we both have little boys & now relate on an entirely new level through the journey of Motherhood. It was so nice to spend some time with my beautiful friend, taking these photos of her in her lovely home with her sweet boy running around. Listen to her music & you will be hooked!

- Belinda 

{ Erica is wearing the Mika Tee in Sand & Rowan Pant in Adobe }

Tell us a little bit about yourself…

Hi!  My name is Erica Driscoll.  I perform and release music under the band name Blondfire.  I've written songs for and with other artists such as Jessica Simpson and Zella Day and have collaborated with many Djs like Avicii, Arty, and Sander Van Doorn.

What led you to finding your passion?

I think being exposed to so many different things as a child really led me to finding my passion.  I feel very lucky that my parents, especially my mom, always had music in the house.  She taught me piano at an early age and encouraged me to learn another instrument.  I chose the violin.  When I was about 15, I discovered bands that really inspired me to write music.  I taught myself guitar in my bedroom and haven't stopped writing and dreaming since.

{ Erica is wearing the Harlow Dress in Chestnut Batik }

How do you feel when making music? 

When I make music I feel in my element.  Like I’m being my true self.  There’s nothing more rewarding to me than writing a new song and hearing it playing back on the speakers.  Just seeing my vision come to life is such a rewarding thing for me.

What inspires you?  

I’m inspired by so many things.  Life experiences.  Just seeing a word written somewhere or a phrase can set off a whole concept in my mind.  Sometimes, songs just appear to me.  Like in the middle of the night or in the shower.  I'll have to run and grab my phone to make sure I get a voice memo recording, so I don’t forget it.  I like to say that the song fairies brought them to me.  Those usually end up being the best ones!

{ Erica is wearing the Perla Top with the Avery Skirt }

What are your top 5 all time favorite songs?

I really can’t pick only 5 songs!  There’s so much amazing music in the world, but 5 songs I LOVE that come to mind right now are…

Echo & the Bunnymen - The Killing Moon: This vibe gets me!  I always hit repeat.

Pet Shop Boys - Being Boring: They are my long time favorites.  Hard to pick one song from them, but I love the lyrics of this one.

’S Wonderful - Joao Gilberto: This sounds like pure sunshiney happiness to me.

The Smiths - There Is A Light That Never Goes Out: The lyrics really capture that feeling of being young and wanting to escape.  This album played non-stop in my car when I first got my drivers license.  Even hearing it now, it takes me back to that time.

The Sundays - Here’s Where The Story Ends: Harriet Wheeler’s angelic voice and music have inspired me so much.  I can't help, but to sing along with her.

{ Erica is wearing the Lena Jumpsuit in Arches Crème Brulee }

What is your favorite place you’ve traveled to?

I have so many places I love for different reasons.  I’m half Brazilian, and being able to spend time in Brazil when I was growing up, really had a big impact on my life.  The natural, wild beauty of the rainforest, the culture and food.  There's nothing like it.

I also love Cape Cod.  I’ve been spending time there pretty much every year since getting together with my husband.  To me it’s like being a kid in summertime.  Ice cream on the pier, swimming in the ocean and clear, fresh water ponds.  Old sea captains' houses in quaint little picturesque towns. 

I also adore France.  I’ve spent time in Britney, which reminded me a lot of Cape Cod, but I especially love Paris.  The architecture, style and vibe of the people makes it so magical to me.

What do you wear when you want to feel beautiful? 

A good fitting dress always has a way of making me feel more beautiful and put together.

{ Erica is wearing the Plant Dyed Magali Dress in Ocean  }

How do you practice self love? 

I try to do things that elevate my mood and energy.  Like taking time out of everyday to move my body.  I’ve been working out for years, but discovered Melissa Wood Health workouts almost 5 months ago.  Which is a combination of Pilates and Yoga.  I’ve really been enjoying this style of workout because it feels challenging, but also like I’m doing something really good not only for my body, but also my mind.  Like a moving meditation.  It really leaves me feeling energized, but also more at peace.  Also taking a break from social media once in a while can be a good thing to reset and get more balanced.

What is the one thing you would most like to change about the world?  

So many things!  Poverty, pollution, hunger, global warming, the list goes on and on.  Where do I even begin!?  I just want the world to be a better place for my son and the next generation.

{ Erica is wearing the Zoe Top & Zoe Short in Iris  }

Why do you wear Bel Kazan? 

I wear Bel Kazan because the styles are so pretty and put together, while still being wearable and comfortable.  Plus, the fact it’s ethically made.  It’s a winning combination!

What is the piece you reach for the most?

I LOVE the Soho Pant!  So cozy and cute!

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