Artist Spotlight - Laina Miller

{Laina is wearing the Scarlette Pant and Rosa Bodysuit}

A rainy Los Angeles morning spent at Laina Miller Studios, a space filled with light and inspiration, just inviting you to create. Authentic and effervescent Laina shared with us her ability to channel emotion into art and her passion to assist others in doing the same. 

{Laina is wearing the Nova Jumpsuit}

Tell us a little about yourself...
Hi! I'm Laina Miller. I am an artist, designer and creative wellness consultant. I am also the owner of Laina Miller Studio where we create art prints and creative tools for living a more elevated life. 

What led you to finding your passion?
To be honest, I still feel like I'm on a path to finding my passion. I love creativity and feel called to be involved deeply in the arts, but that feels more like part of who I am. It's in my DNA. Without the arts, I feel incomplete. I'm currently on an expansive journey, going through a lot of life changes and I feel like the arts will ultimately lead me to finding my passion.

{Laina is wearing the Nova Jumpsuit}

What (or who) inspires you?
Authenticity! I'm inspired by people living in their truth. It takes a lot of courage and vulnerability to know who you are; your needs, boundaries, values, and desires, and to live by them unapologetically. With the barrage of media, we're often overshadowed by societal expectations, which makes living authentically more and more rare. When I see someone truly being themselves, I'm awestruck. 
In terms of my art, my main inspiration is nature and artists from the past. Lately, I've really been moved by the life and works of artists Georgia O'Keeffe and Hans Arp.
What is the best advice you’ve ever received?
A mentor once told me, "Your greatest asset is your own unique perspective". This blew my mind.

{Laina is wearing the Matilda Dress}

What songs have you had on repeat recently?
Needy, by Molly Burch
It's Too Late, by Carole King (I'm taking voice lessons & learning this song.)
Women In Music, the entire album by HAIM
Show Yourself, by Edina Menzel from Frozen. I have a three year old. So, yeah...
Where is your happy place?
Lake Tahoe in the Summer. Specifically, a secret beach with a grassy knoll and towering pines and an old log cabin on the property. It reminds me of a place that my grandparents would have visited in the 1930's. I feel so nostalgic and at peace when I'm there. 
{Laina is wearing the Janie Dress}

What is the one thing you would most like to change about the world?
I would most like to change the way that people interact with each other. Life is so fast-paced nowadays and everyone is SO distracted. I've watched mothers scrolling through social media while their toddlers made bids for connection, an old man trip and no one look up because they were too engrossed in their screens, the list goes on and it breaks my heart. I feel like we are all living in our own isolated worlds (ehem... screens, media, phones). I wish we could bring authentic connection back into daily interactions. 
{Laina is wearing the Scarlette Pant and Rosa Bodysuit}

What do you wear when you want to feel Beautiful?
The color black. There's something about this hue that accentuates my best features. I always feel my most confident wearing black and to me, confidence is directly related to beauty.
How do you feel in BEL KAZAN? 
I loved wearing these pieces by Bel Kazan because I truly felt like I was wearing art. Each piece felt creative in their pattern and overall design, which spoke directly to my inner world. Like the clothing truly represented the artist within! I also felt like a woman's real body was considered in the construction of the garments. This gave me the confidence to take risks and try pieces that I would normally shy away from. 
{Laina is wearing the Esme Top and Vega Pant}

To learn more about Laina and her work please visit : 

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