Joshua Tree Coffee - First Roast

$ 16.99
The First Roast is a blend of ColombianHonduran, and Ethiopian beans. It combines the thick, syrupy body of a dark roast, the sweetness of a medium roast, and the balanced acidity and unique attributes of peaberry all in one delightful black coffee

Established as “The First” of our quickly growing list of roasts as a premium organic coffee roaster, we frequently hear that this is the best coffee our customers have ever tasted.

Our passion for producing some of the best coffee in the world is rooted in our commitment to raising awareness of the damage caused by conventional, non-organic coffee.

Over 91% of worldwide coffee is heavily treated with pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and other chemicals that are often harmful to people and the environment. We believe consumption of organic coffee is the best remedy for this undeniable harm, which is why our in-house Loring roaster will never touch non-organic coffee beans.

  • Medium/Dark Roast

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