Lost Pattern NYC Silk Bandana Scarf

$ 68.00
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  • Lost Pattern is a New York City-based designer accessory and lifestyle brand that redefines silk as fun and modern while celebrating every self-expression and identity. Mindfully sourced and sustainably handcrafted, Lost Pattern honors traditional craftsmanship and is committed to turning conscious fashion into a lifestyle. All of our square scarves are hand rolled and stitched, a tradition we maintain and celebrate. All clothing, hat pieces and tote bags are hand made in our studios by our local artisans. 
  • The checkerboard silk draped around your neck, promising a playful harmony of strategy and fun. One move closer to your destination. Capturing the gaze of any onlooker. They wonder which step you will take next, dazed and confused you captivate any opponent.  
  • Product Description: * 100% silk twill * 65cm x 65cm ( 26"W x 26"L ) * Hand-rolled edges with hand stitched finishing
  • How to Wear a Silk Bandana Scarf: * As a hair accessory: tie around as a headband, for a classic look. * As a scarf: wear it around the neck, you can tie a bow or let the end hang loose. This works well with a white-collar button-down, to make it look more casual.

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